Beautiful Parks that Elevate the Mind & Spirit


Beautiful Parks that Elevate the Mind & Spirit

Imagine stepping out of your house to the cleanest, prettiest and most well maintained parks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa right across your street!

At Grand City Mardan, parks are vital community assets where families can grow and learn through recreation and interaction with nature, and where people of all ages can get involved in civic life. Our parks have been designed by the industry’s leading experts from Islamabad. In addition to walking tracks, the parks will feature monuments, rest areas and art & culture spaces. Our green spaces and sidewalks will be lined with thousands of flowers and unique varieties of trees that bring out the beautiful colours of Mardan each season.

Grand City Family Park

Happy families make happy communities!

Spread over 19 kanals of land, the main families park at Grand City is going to be an experience in itself.

Other than the most incredible landscaping the main park will feature:

Lots of seating to enjoy a peaceful moment and a winding walkway to enjoy a nice stroll.

An outdoor café to entertain guests, and for family enjoyment.

A mini-playground to keep the kids busy while parents enjoy the scenery.

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Grand Amphitheatre

The Grand City Families Park will also proudly feature Mardan’s most beautiful public amphitheater. Located inside a splendid green space, our beautifully designed amphitheater will be a place where residents and their guests can enjoy Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s rich art, culture & hospitality in addition to children’s events.

There will never be a dull moment at Grand City Mardan!

Grand City Central Park

More than just a view, it’s a place to get inspired!

The center piece of our project, Grand City Central Park is yet another amazing space where residents and their guests can enjoy an evening out.

Designed to impress, the park is located at the central roundabout of the society and is surrounded with ample parking.

Grand City Children's Park

Happy Childhood Memories Begin Here!􀀀

We are also building a separate children’s park with the best playground equipment available in the country. Parents with small children will be extremely happy knowing that their kids are easily entertained every evening.

For older children, we are also building sports facilities in this park such as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and others.

At Grand City Mardan, we want you to expect more from life!

Grand City Forest Park

Reconnect with Nature Every Day

Sometimes, one doesn’t just want fully manicured lawns and well-kept spaces, so we decided to include a forest park as well.

Natural vegetation, thick plantation of tall trees, and carefully placed benches and lighting will result in a natural forest experience within the security of our housing society.

Amazing Architecture

Our Story

Amazing Architecture

Our Story