Architecture that Inspires!

“Whatever Good Things
We Build End Up Building Us”

At Grand City Mardan, architecture is more than just a style. It cultivates pride in our past, encourages us to reflect on our present and inspires us for the future.

Art helps restore beauty and meaning to urban life. The public art monuments at Grand City Mardan have been designed to elevate the spirit and find inspiration in the world around us.

Be Inspired Everyday At Grand CITY Mardan!

Beautiful Journeys Begin Here!

The poetry above Grand City Mardan’s entrance gate reflects our approach towards transforming the construction and hospitality industry with humbleness, honesty and integrity.

Grand City Family Club

We have designed Grand City to optimize the mental and physical wellbeing of its community. Our residents should enjoy social activities that build bonds among the community in a family friendly environment. 

The Grand City Family Club is at the center of this philosophy and will feature: 

  • Café Lounge
  • Rooftop Café
  • Gyms for Ladies and Gents
  • Student Study Center
  • Events Hall where we will organize youth and family events. 

It is our goal that at the Grand City Family Club, your neighbors will soon become like your friends and family.

Amazing Mosques


The mosque’s aesthetics are inspired by the geometry of a cube, comprising the traditional elements of a mosque such as domes, arches, and a minaret. Calligraphic perforations are engraved on the walls to cast interesting light patterns. The mosque projects simplicity and humbleness both in its design and materials.


This design showcases the elements of contemporary architecture. The base form is a cube inspired by the Holy Ka’abah. The cube is intersected with planes, seven in number. The planes increase in height to highlight the concept of ascendance to a higher state, such as during prostration. So, the form embodies the Islamic ideology, translating it into architecture.

Grand Central Market

Grand City Mardan will feature a large commercial area to make sure that all your daily needs are just at your doorstep. Grand City Mardan will ensure that the offices and shops are well managed, parking is planned for, and shopping is a relaxing and hassle-free experience. Every building in the market will be designed by us.

Incredible Parks